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A Guide To Estate Planning Personal Family Trust

One of the most important and sensitive wealth management needs is transferring what you have accumulated and preserved throughout your life to your family, loved ones or favourite charities. A well-defined wealth transfer strategy can help ensure that the appropriate tax and inheritance planning issues are considered and addressed according to your wishes.

Inter-Generation Wealth Transfer
       Investors with assets being managed by different fund managers or held across different countries with wide-ranging business interests, face financial issues that require skillful management and regular monitoring. This is especially true when you begin to develop a plan for the orderly transfer of wealth to the next generation. A well-crafted estate plan often relieves anxiety among family members and business partners alike. It can also help business owner liquidate a business or transfer business assets in an organized fashion.

Wealth Structuring

The most effective wealth structure is not built by simply stacking assets together; it is based on establishing a strong framework to manage all of the different aspects of each client's financial situation, including:
  • A long-term plan for investing, borrowing and cash management.
  • An estate plan for preserving and distributing investments, real estate and personal property.
  • Protecting assets through tax minimization, where appropriate.
  • Preserving the integrity and confidentiality of personal information.

Depending on the country of domicile and legal systems, we are able to provide our clients with creative estate planning tools and structures with varying degrees of complexity and sophistication both onshore and overseas.