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"One Stop" Boutique
To give you a wide selection of investment choices through mutual funds, we offer two comprehensive fund categories and value added services:
       Non-Proprietary Mutual Funds- We have established selling arrangements with several fund houses covering all asset classes.
       FAM Funds- These are mutual funds that are managed in-house by Finansa Asset Management.
      Fund Screener- Monitoring and evaluating your mutual fund holdings can be time consuming and, to some, overwhelming. To help you wade through the sea of mutual fund data, we offer a comprehensive web based search engine, powered by Lipper funds data. Investing in mutual funds has never been easier where you can compare mutual fund costs, features and performance with our fund screener









Discretionary Management

While continuing to provide traditional retirement investment management services, Finansa has also broadened its range of products to cater for the high net worth individuals and institutional investors as well. By appointing us to manage your asset on a discretionary basis, you will be working in private partnership with your designated fund manager to formulate an investment strategy that is compatible to your needs and risk profile. Portfolio composition is usually defined by the objectives and constraints you have specified and the asset allocation process is based on our investment strategy to achieve optimum risk/return profile. Our fund managers subsequently draw on the strengths of in-house experts, such as our research team, to select different types of investments such as equities, bonds, mutual funds, alternative instruments as well as structured products.

Global Investment Platform and Capabilities

In addition to providing traditional onshore investment management services, beginning in 2005, we have broadened our range of products to enable our investors to enjoy the full benefits of global diversification by teaming up with a number of global asset management companies to provide offshore investment capabilities. Through, designated investment vehicles, Foreign Investment Funds (FIF), we are able to offer a wide range of investment products from some of the most illustrious financial institutions in the world. Managing wealth on a global scale requires global resources. Therefore, by teaming up with the right partner, we are able to offer truly global services with a local touch.

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