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•  Investment in investment units is not a bank deposit and carries investment risks.. Unitholders may get back an investment amout more or less than the initial investment amout, and may not receive payment of the redeeming price of investment units within specified time or may be unable to redeem the investment units (in case of open-end funds) as instructed.

•  Past performance of the fund is not indicative of future performance.

•  Interested persons should thoroughly study the information in the prospectus to support the decision to buy investment units and keep it for future reference. Before deciding to buy any investment units, interested persons should always study the latest information in the prospectus. Information or details aside from those provided in this website may be examined, or copy of a prospectus's project information section can be requested at the management company or their appointed selling agents.

•  Investors may examine information that may affect their investment decisions, such as transactions with connected persons and investment allocation according to ratio stipulated in the investment objective etc., at the Office of the SEC or via its internet network. ( www.sec.or.th )

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