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M&W Stars Rating

As a follow up to our column on "Guidelines in Choosing Mutual Funds" in the July issue of M&W, we thought it would be a good idea to shed some light on the subject of fund performance since investment performance ranks quite highly in the decision making process when investing in mutual funds. However, due to the limited amount of data available to the general public, sorting out funds with superior performance may not be as easy as it seems. Hence, M&W has teamed up with the Association of Investment Companies (AIMC) in coming out with an easy-to-use tool in selecting funds with good, solid long term track record call "M&W Stars Rating" (for mutual funds)

Regarding the stars ranking in this report, the editorial board would like to stress that great importance has been given to long term track record. However, as many of you may be painfully aware that during the economic crisis in 1997, many of the "older" mutual funds have suffered more than their fair share of losses when compared to the newer asset management companies that were established after the crisis. Therefore, one has to take into consideration that some of the funds in the survey may have relatively poor rating of only one or two stars but this was partly due to the devastating effects of the crisis. Although, one can not change the course of history and some mutual funds came out of the crisis in better shape than others, some did not survive, therefore the editors would like to highlight this point and urge investors and readers alike to exercise caution when using the M&W Stars Rating report. Nevertheless, we believe that the M&W Stars Rating report is a good starting point for many investors to explore the world of mutual funds and hopefully will help you to become a better investor.

The main feature for this month is about today's youth and their behaviour about money. According to a recent survey, many teenagers know the price of everything but the value of nothing and find out what make them ticks. In our College Planning Column, Khun Vichai, former President of Harvard Club Thailand shared with us about how to groom your kids for IVY League schools. This should be of invaluable help to parents with ambition to send their children to one of the most prestigious universities in the US. On the subject of learning, it's never too late to learn for Khunying Chatchanee Chatikavanit, Chairman of OPPY Club (Old People Playing Young). Over 2,000 students from the age of 45 to 85 have attended her class on how to master their computer skills.

We are extremely pleased to have Khun Sripoom and Khunying Wannapor Sukanatre to share with us their works of arts and Khun MaryAnne Chirathivat showed off her artistic skills in our Wonderful Time column.

Lastly, I hope that you've enjoyed reading our magazine which is now into its 4th issue. And as always, I am interested to hear your views. I can be contacted at Until the next issue, keep well and look forward to hearing from you.